Ghostober 2022: Halloween Art Challenge

31 Halloween art prompts for October
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Ghostober is an annual October art challenge, started in 2020 by Flukelady and continues to thrive thanks to countless individuals, like you, who join in by simply making spooky art! Post your creations on your social media platform of choice, just be sure to tag it with #GHOSTOBER2022 and @flukelady – you’ll be considered for placement in my next book! (I try to include as many participants as I can!)

Today’s Ghostober Piece

October 31th- “Halloween”

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31 Halloween Art Prompts for 2022

A ghost-themed October art challenge in the form of 31 prompts for each day leading up to Halloween.
The official Ghostober 2022 Prompt List by Flukelady

About Ghostober

Every year we celebrate freedom of expression and all things spooky by creating new art for each day of October. You are invited to join in for as many or few days as you’d like!

To participate: simply follow the prompt list above (each prompt coordinates with a day in October!), and create something new – all styles and mediums are welcome. Then, share your art on all of your favorite social media platforms using the hashtag #GHOSTOBER2022 so we can all see! Tag @flukelady to make it easy for me to find you and shout you out!

History of Ghostober

Last year's October Art Challenge, GHOSTOBER 2021. This image depicts a list of 31 prompts for artists to follow and create new art!

In 2020 I decided to put a spin on the popular Inktober trend, where a list of daily art prompts are shared for the month of October. My take was Ghostober, a list of daily prompts for ghostly artwork in which anyone could follow along to create with me as I made new ghost art every day.

The front cover for the book Ghosts Volume Two by Flukealdy
Ghosts: Volume Two by Flukelady

It all culminated in Ghosts : Volume One, a full-color art book that I independently designed and published via my website. The book also featured several submissions from readers and followers like you! In 2021, I released a follow-up in Ghosts: Volume Two.

What year did GHOSTOBER start? 2020 was the year I launched Ghostober. 2022 will be my third year doing Ghostober!

Will there be another book? Yes, follow me on instagram for updates!

How can I get a copy of Ghosts Vol. 1 and 2? These books are currently out of print. Subscribe to my mailing list to be notified when they come back!

Can I Share Anywhere Else?

You can post your submissions below in the comments section! Use the file upload feature to attach an image of your creation and everyone who visits this page will see it. Please note that comments are manually-approved so it may take a few hours for your comment to appear for everyone else to see. Please be patient!

Halloween Art Challenge

I want Ghostober to be as inclusive as possible, so this year I’m continuing the idea of a tiered October art challenge, that you can approach at your own pace.

Challenge LEvel One

Complete just one prompt of your choice
and share it on the corresponding day.

Challenge LEvel TWO

Complete one prompt each week
and share on the corresponding days.

Challenge Level Three

Complete 10 prompts of your choice
and share on the corresponding days.

Platinum Challenge

Complete All 31 Prompts
and share on the corresponding days.

Official GHOSTOBER 2022 Collection

Here are the latest pieces from GHOSTOBER 2022:

Most Popular from 2021

These are my most popular works from Ghostober 2021, all prints are available for $11.

Most Popular from 2020

These are my most popular works from Ghostober 2020, all prints are available for $11.

43 thoughts on “Ghostober 2022: Halloween Art Challenge”

  1. Day one: Seance
    Medium: digital
    Creator: me (Cheyenne Kastura)
    I’ve always watched to participate in these challenges and now I have an iPad I think I could. My dog unexpectedly passed away last night so I’m not sure if I’ll continue the challenge now, but know I do really like it and will if I can.

  2. #ghostober2022 day two (yesterday, technically): pet ghost.

    Medium: digital
    Creator: me (Cheyenne Kastura)

    I had something else in mind for this prompt… but life happened. The prompt for me is unfortunate timing, but I wanted to work with it and hope it might help me. I’m not sure if it did… but here it is.

    This drawing is my living room, and how I feel about now. I mentioned I lost my dog yesterday, and this is him. His name is Beethoven and he just turned 14 years old.

    I hope I’m not bumming you out too bad.

  3. Let’s squeeze day three in here real quick.

    Day 3: castle
    Medium: digital
    Creator: me

    Anytime I think of castle and ghosts, I think Mario castles.

  4. #ghostober2022
    Day 4: Scarecrow

    I’ve been using your tag on Facebook but with my settings I don’t think you can see it.

    Long day at work, looked for something simple today.

  5. #Ghostober2022

    Day 5: Cemetery

    Life has been kind of getting in the way, so I’ve been falling behind. This one shows how I’ve been feeling. Still drawing though.

  6. Ghostober 2022 day 9: Garden

    Secret is, this isn’t a garden. This is based off of a picture of Beethoven behind a vase of pretty flowers Zack got for me. But it was too precious not to use.

  7. #ghostober2022 day 11: Tarot

    Based off of the standard “The Fool” card. And there’s a dog in it. What else was I supposed to do?

  8. Ghostober Day 13: floating

    On my last weekend with my dog before he passed away, him, me and my fiancé went camping. We had to run to the dollar store and we bought an orange star balloon to attach to my dog while he ran around so he would be easier to see, and that it would be funny.

  9. I skipped day 10 oops. I did it awhile ago just forgot to share it here.

    Ghostober day 10: Dark Fairytale

    I grew up being told to stay out of mushroom rings, or fairy rings. All of the things people say would happen to you if you do go in one. Fairy’s aren’t as cute as the movies show them I guess. I drew my ghost sitting in the ring because as an adult, I wouldn’t be sitting on the grass like that now, so someone had to.

  10. Ghostober day 18: Monster

    I’ve been sharing a lot of monsters inc pictures on my Facebook timeline the past few weeks so this seemed appropriate for me.

  11. I try my best that if I take inspiration from different art to make it my own with the idea of the original inspiration. I love how this one turned out.

    I have a real hard time drawing bones and skeletons, so I appreciate the ghosts kind of hide how janky they are 😅

  12. Ghostober day 22: Bones

    (Edit from other comment oops)

    I try my best that if I take inspiration from different art to make it my own with the idea of the original inspiration. I love how this one turned out.

    I have a real hard time drawing bones and skeletons, so I appreciate the ghosts kind of hide how janky they are 😅

  13. Ghostober day 21: flying ghost

    I’m driving myself nuts by posting out of order I forget what I have posted and not lol

    Hi. I am ghost. Everyone likes me.

  14. Ghostober 2022 Day 26: Movie Scene

    I originally thought of an actual movie scene from something first, but then the thought of this made me laugh.

  15. Ghostober 2022 Halloween

    This is my first attempt at clay ghosts. Work in progress! Dracula wooden dad painted by the husband. The ghost, grave stone, and pumpkins all clay.

  16. Ghostober Day 31: Halloween

    I did it! All 31 drawings. Been a rough month and this was something I looked forward to and learned a lot about procreate in the process. Til next year.


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