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GHOSTOBER 2022 #26/31 – Movie Scene


‘Movie Scene’ is a watercolor painting by Flukelady.

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‘Movie Scene is a  watercolor painting by Flukelady for her GHOSTOBER 2022 Series.

Based on a still from the movie ‘A Ghost Story’ (2017)

In this still from the movie 'A Ghost Story', the ghost looks towards the viewer while kneeling by an entryway, picking at a seam in the joinery/moulding.
A still from ‘A Ghost Story’ (2017) Image courtesy of A24

Limited / Deluxe Print + Bookmark Set

These special 5×7″ prints come signed and numbered, and include a bonus bookmark (8×2.5″) featuring matching artwork.

Standard high-resolution prints are also available using the same premium, archival-quality inks and paper as used for the limited prints.

Original Dimensions: 7×10″
Date Completed: 10/26/2022
Medium: Watercolor and gouache on Strathmore 500 Series Cold-Pressed Watercolor Paper (100% Cotton, Acid Free, Archival Quality)

Subject Matter:  A ghost is reaching for something tucked away in a seam/joinery of an entryway moulding.

This work is part of a series.

#26 of 31 from the GHOSTOBER 2022 collection.

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Dimensions5 × 7 in
GHOSTOBER 2022 #26/31 – Movie Scene
GHOSTOBER 2022 #26/31 – Movie Scene