About Flukelady

Flukelady is an artist that paints in broad strokes of strangeness and watercolor.

Flukelady vending her artwork at an event in Philadelphia.
@flukelady at NUMiNOUSmag Modified Show • Underground Arts, Phila. PA

If you’re into the weird and spooky, come meet Flukelady

—Philadelphia Punk Rock Flea Market
A flukelady painting, titled 'Ghost Love'

Flukelady Artist Details:

Hometown:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – United States
Years Active:2015–Present
Movements:Lowbrow, Outsider, Expressionism, Surrealism
Preferred Medium:Watercolor on paper
A flukelady watercolor painting of a bee in anaglyph-3D style (red/blue)

What is Flukelady?

That’s a fair question, lucky for you that we have a definition:


(Fluke-La‧dy) /flo͞ok•lādē/ (noun)

(1) the pseudonym for Alley Yochum, a freelance artist from Philadelphia, PA

(2) a female version of x-files creature, named flukeman.

A watercolor illustration of Flukeman by Flukelady

Making Contact with Flukelady

Visit Flukelady’s contact page to see available contact methods.