About Flukelady

Flukelady is an artist that paints spooky and quaint scenes featuring ghosts.

Flukelady vending her artwork at an event in Philadelphia.
@flukelady at NUMiNOUSmag Modified Show • Underground Arts, Phila. PA

About The Artist

I’m not very fond of writing biographies for myself – so, if you wouldn’t mind, I’m just going to quote a section from my first book, I think it sums up the early stages of my career quite well 🙂

Active since 2015, she got her start painting for zines and gig-work. Pursuing opportunities to share her work with buyers, she began securing table-space at various events and vending opportunities around her hometown of Philadelphia.

Continuing with that independent spirit, she self-publishes and sells her works through her website and sells them directly to art buyers around the world. Every order is signed, hand-packaged and shipped directly from her home studio.

An excerpt from the About The Artist section of my book GHOSTS Volume One
A flukelady painting, titled 'Ghost Love'

If you’re into the weird and spooky, come meet Flukelady

—Philadelphia Punk Rock Flea Market

About The Store

Flukelady.com is the official website of Flukelady (me!), and is 100% independently operated by the artist.

Most of my products are produced by me personally, right from my home studio – this includes my paintings, prints, greeting cards, handmade jewelry and decor.

My apparel is designed in-house but is produced and shipped directly to you from my printing partners around the world.

As for my books, I handle all of the design production myself and have partnered with Printing Center USA to handle all aspects of full-color book printing – they do an incredible job producing all of my books, I can’t recommend them enough. All books come signed and ship directly from my home studio.

Looking For Store Policies & Shipping Info?

Check out the Help / Info section, I answer all of the most common store questions there and also have contact links for any other questions you may have!

Flukelady Artist Details:

Hometown:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – United States
Years Active:2015–Present
Movements:Lowbrow, Outsider, Expressionism, Surrealism
Preferred Medium:Watercolor on paper
A flukelady watercolor painting of a bee in anaglyph-3D style (red/blue)

What is Flukelady?

That’s a fair question, lucky for you that we have a definition:


(Fluke-La‧dy) /flo͞ok•lādē/ (noun)

(1) the pseudonym for Alley Yochum, a freelance artist from Philadelphia, PA

(2) a female version of x-files creature, named flukeman.

A watercolor illustration of Flukeman by Flukelady

Making Contact with Flukelady

Visit Flukelady’s contact page to see available contact methods.