Freelance Artist For Hire in Philadelphia

Photograph of Flukelady, a freelance artist from Philadelphia.

Flukelady is available to hire as a freelance artist in the Philadelphia area, as well as for remote hire and commissions.

Work With an Up and Coming Artist

Whether you need an artist for illustration or product pieces, flukelady can support your project with original artwork that meets the demands of the spec.

A Freelance Artist Fit For Many Types of Projects:

Whether you’re looking for an artist to create a watercolor rendering of your product or an idea you’d like to communicate, Flukelady is ready to execute on your behalf.

A photo of a freelance artist working on her painting
Flukelady works primarily out of her home-studio in Pennsylvania.

Highlights & Experience

Flukelady has worked with several businesses, publications, fellow artists and even end-users/consumers to bring their ideas or creative visions to life.

  • Client work for
  • National Tuxedo Rentals – Ad Artwork
  • Marleighz Dress Boutique – Ads & Social Media Artwork
  • Featured in NUMiNOUSmag, CootiesZine & More

Some things that flukelady excels at:

  • Communicating Abstract Ideas
  • Cover Art (Book Covers, Album Artwork)
  • Website & Blog Artwork, Header Images
  • “Hand-Drawn” Look and Feel
  • Game Assets & Concept Art
  • Illustrations for printed media

Flukelady Artwork Commission for an opinion piece @

Philadelphia Freelance Artist for Projects & Commissions

Need an artist that is local to the Philadelphia region? Flukelady is a Philly native that is ready to deliver unique and eye-catching artwork to meet your project goals.

Remote Freelance Artist For Hire & Commissions

Need an artist for your project? Hire a remote freelance artist! Flukelady can work remotely and deliver her handmade artworks as soon as they’re finished and ready for your project (see below).

Hi-Fi Digital Production Pipeline: Despite working with analog mediums, Flukelady is equipped with a studio featuring high-resolution scanners, digital SLR cameras and high-output lighting rigs – essential for capturing pixel-perfect reproductions of her artwork for use in your digital projects.

A photo of flukelady artwork being printed via large-format in a digital shop.
Shown: Flukelady Freelance Artwork – High Resolution & Print-Ready

Freelance Artist Inquiries & Contact Form

Want to discuss your next creative project or artwork commission with Flukelady?

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