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Haunted Spirit Board MINI


A handmade haunted spirit board + remote control.

Handmade To Order

Signed & Numbered

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A Haunted Spirit Board w/ Moving Planchette

Own a handmade piece of interactive art! (and maybe scare the pants off of unassuming guests)

My haunted spirit board is back in a shrunken-down version, ready to haunt your house! Just plug it in and my ephemeral minions will get straight to work, using haunted energy to move the planchette across the board. It appears to move on its own, but between you and I, it’s ghosts doing all the hard work.

Annotated image showing rotation/movement of the spirit board planchette.

Based on my ‘Ouija Ghosts’ Painting

The spirit board features Flukelady artwork and graphics taken from my Ouija Ghosts painting, in addition to custom sun and moon artwork I created just for this piece.

Ouija Ghost Painting - Inspiration For The Haunted Spirit Board

A detailed view of the spirit board surface, which is laser engraved and hand-finished.

A detailed view of the planchette piece that goes with the Haunted Spirit Board MINI

5 Modes Of Haunting Fun

The spirit board will move on its own, according to the mode of your choice!

  1. Slow Mode
  2. Fast Mode
  3. Haunted Mode (Randomized Back-And-Forth, Different Speeds)
  4. DIY / Remote-Control Mode
  5. Standby Mode (No Animation)

Control It Yourself! 

The remote control has 5 different DIY controls for you to surprise friends & family when they least expect it:

  • LEFT Button (Rotate Counter Clockwise)
  • RIGHT Button (Rotate Clockwise)
  • UP Button (Rotate Clockwise Fast)
  • DOWN Button (Rotate Counter Clockwise Fast)
  • OK (Pause/Off/Interrupt Rotation)

US Adapter Only

The unit includes a 5v power adapter for US power outlets. The low power usage means that my ghosts will not eat your electricity bill for dinner.

International users will need to find a US wall outlet adapter to convert an international outlet into a US outlet.


Dimensions (Inches) 5″ x 3.2″ x 1.5″

Dimensions (Centimeters) 12.8 x 8.1 x 3.8


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