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Ghost & Grave – Decorative Plant Stake Set


These ghosts died so your plants don’t have to! This decorative plant stake set was designed to please your green thumb, while having just the right amount of gothic charm to warm your black heart.

Ghost & Grave (2pc Set): $10
2 Pack (2x 2pc Sets): $15 (Save $5!)

FREE US Shipping (Intl. Available)

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This set of plant stakes will deliver a little extra bit of haunted happiness when added to your potted plants. Wood & water-resistant acrylic paint.

Reverse side is engraved: “Handmade & Haunted: Flukelady”

Designed, crafted and hand-painted by Flukelady.

Creator’s Note:

I originally created these because I just wanted them for my newfound plant obsession. Before I knew it, friends and family wanted my little ghosts and their graves to haunt their floral friends too. I hope my ghosts will make fast friends with your plant babies. Please share your photos and tag me! (@flukelady on everything)


Product Dimensions:

  • Ghost Ornament Size: 1.8 x 3 Inches
  • Ghost + Stake: 1.8 x 5.5 Inches
  • Gravestone Ornament Size: 1.3 x 1.75 Inches
  • Gravestone + Stake: 1.3 x 4.25 Inches

Additional information

Version / Size

2pc Set (Ships on 8/10/2022), Two 2pc Sets [4pc Total] (Ships on 8/10/2022)


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