The Pastel Goth Print Pack zoom
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Haunted Organ zoom
Garden (Ghostober 2021) zoom
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The Pastel Goth Print Pack
Haunted Organ
Garden (Ghostober 2021)
floral ghost
sad birthday ghost
masked valentine

The Pastel Goth Print Pack – Set of 6 Art Prints


A package deal on six 5×7 inch art prints hand-selected for their pastel goth aesthetics. (A $66 Value!)

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Includes Six 5×7 Inch Art Prints

Get a head start on your art wall! All included prints fit a cohesive theme that can be the starting thread of your next decorative masterpiece.

Works in this collection:

  1. Ghost House 01
  2. Haunted Organ
  3. Garden
  4. Floral Ghost
  5. Sad Birthday Ghost
  6. Masked Valentine

All prints come hand-signed by the artist.

Printed on 230gsm acid-free, archival fine-art paper imported from Germany, hand-selected by the artist.

Set comes sealed in protective poly-wrap bag, protected by a stiff chipboard backing to prevent flexing and creasing during shipment, delivered in Flukelady’s signature colorful all-weather protective packaging.

Additional information

Weight0.25 oz
Dimensions5 × 7 in

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The Pastel Goth Print Pack – Set of 6 Art Prints