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GHOSTOBER 2021 #3/31 – Hidden


‘Hidden’ is a watercolor painting by Flukelady.

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‘Hidden’ is a watercolor painting by Flukelady from her GHOSTOBER 2021 Series.

Limited Edition Prints | Hand-Embellished

All Ghostober pieces will be released with a set of 10 limited edition prints. These special prints come signed and have hand-embellished details that elevate each one with individual qualities, as no two will be exactly the same.

Today’s Embellishment: Metallic Gold Details

Standard high-resolution prints are also available using the same premium, archival-quality inks and paper as used for the limited prints.

Original Dimensions: 6×9″
Date Completed: 10/03/2021
Medium: Watercolor & Gouache on Paper

Subject Matter:Two ghosts roam the interior of a mansion. One ghost has uncovered a hidden storage space, the other is unaware.

This work is part of a series.

#3 of 31 from the GHOSTOBER 2021 collection.

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Weight0.25 oz
Dimensions5 × 7 in

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'Hidden', a watercolor painting of two ghosts roaming the interior of a mansion.
GHOSTOBER 2021 #3/31 – Hidden